Access Door: a closure device used for access into a grease duct for cleaning and inspection purposes. 

Box Hood with Make-Up Air: the hood is rectangular, box-shaped, and has Make-Up (Supply) Air vented into the front of the hood through perforated metal, so more air is diffused into a greater area of the hood.  This hood comes with a light installed as well as a loose fire damper to be used in the installation.

Cap: the top or bottom cover to the curb or duct.

Curb: a raised or leveled metal stand used to support the exhaust or make-up air fan above the level of the roof surface.

Damper: a valve or plate for controlling draft or flow of gases and air.

Dry Air: air which contains no moisture or vapors.

Duct: a continuous metal passageway for the transmission of air and vapors.

Exhaust Only Hood: the hood has no make up air vented to it.  Make Up (Supply) Air is supplied by ducting to a diffuser located in the ceiling of the room with the hood.

Firewrap: a fiber blanket wrapped in aluminum used as a fire proof flexible enclosure for kitchen exhaust ducts and fire rated air duct work.

Grease Duct: a 16 GA, welded, liquid-tight, metal duct for the transportation of air and grease vapors, designed and installed to reduce the possibility of the accumulation of combustible condensation and the occurrence of damage if a fire occurs in the system.

Grease Filter: a removable baffled metal (aluminum or stainless steel) component of the grease removal system designed to capture grease in the extracted air and direct it to a safe collection point.

Heat Removal Hood: this hood is to remove and vent heat or steam only.  It does not have filters nor the necessary exhaust to remove grease-laden air.  To be used only for ovens and dishwashing.

Hinge Kit: Hinges for attachment to the grease curb, to allow easy access to fan and duct for cleaning, inspection, and repairs.

Hood: a metal device placed above a cooking appliance(s) to direct and capture grease-laden vapors and exhaust gases.

Island Hood: a hood above cooking equipment that is accessible from both sides, usually in the center of a room.

Make Up Air System: (or Supply Air).  Outside air discharged into the room or hood to balance the air exhausted by the hood.

Supply Air: same as Make Up Air.

Wall Hood: a hood above cooking equipment that is installed against a wall.